LE CLOCHER producer’s sheet


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Grape variety


General informations

  • Classification: D.O.P.

  • Vine variety: 100% Fumin

  • Bottle size: 0.75 Lt and 0.375 Lt

  • Bottle quantity: About 4000


  • Where: Jovençan

  • Surface: About 4000 m

  • Exposure: South

  • Soil: Typical sediment of glacial deposits

  • Return per hectare: About 80 quintals per hectare

  • Farming style: Guyot

  • Year of implantation: 2005

  • Agricultural practices: From pruning to grape harvest, we mostly work by hand in our vineyards. We only use mechanical machines for treatments and for extirpating bad seeds

  • Harvest: Late October

Wine processing

  • Vinification: Traditional method; mostly in steel tanks with a little while in wooden barrels

  • Aging: 10 months

  • Bottling: August-September


  • Colour: Intense ruby red with shades of violet

  • Fragrances: Intense scents such as spices, ripe fruit, and a little smoky touch

  • How does it taste: A fresh acidity make it enveloping on the palate. Pronounced but non-invasive tannins. Slight wooden taste in a general composition in which the influence of Valle d’Aosta territory is well discernible

  • At the table: Great with Valle d’Aosta traditional dishes like soups and polenta concia (polenta with cheese). Perfect to accompany a bushmeat meal

Analytical data

  • Alcoholic content: 13,5%

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