Via Sala, 80 - Fraz. Calino - 25046 CAZZAGO SAN MARTINO (BS)


Via Sala, 80, 25046 Cazzago San Martino BS, Italia,
About us

The wine farm VIGNA DORATA rises up on the gentle hills of Franciacorta, with its 8 Ha of cultivated area. Watching the vineyard from a particular point of view during certain hours of the day, it looks golden, hence the name of the business: “golden vineyard”. Vigna Dorata is an SME situated in Franciacorta, that trusts the countless qualities of its extraordinary land. Delicacy, persistency, structure, amiability and involvement are the pillars of our philosophy. Vigna Dorata’s wines come from one of the most peculiar morain areas of Franciacorta, more precisely the hilly vineyards surrounding the winery.


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