Strada Terzolo, 7 - 12050 BARBARESCO (CN)


Strada Riccardo Terzolo, 7, 12050 Tre Stelle CN, Italia
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Socré is the development of an ancient vine farm located in the Langhe. The name is the Piedmontese one of the farmhouse (clog maker). The current owner, Marco Piacentino, together with his sons Giulio and Lorenzo, began producing wine from their own grapes in the year 2000. The vineyards are located in Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive, Alba, Dogliani and Cisterna d’Asti. The Nebbiolo grape represents the heart and soul of the company. From this we obtain the Barbaresco wines in various declinations and the Langhe Nebbiolo. In recent years, the production of sparkling wines has developed with particular regard to Alta Langa DOCG.




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