Via Paleocapa, 18/20 - 19126 LA SPEZIA (SP)


Via Pietro Paleocapa, 18, 19122 La Spezia SP, Italia,
About us

Restaurant Manager: Adriana Incaviglia.


Gourmet cuisine of the highest level. Specialties of Italian and international seafood, local cuisine and creations by Alessandra Mureddu, Chef. Oysters, prowns, lobsters and fresh fish alternate with the use of fine meats, truffles and seasonal delicacies, processed according to the best tradition but aimed at an international taste and beyond only regional customs. Choice of Italian wine excellences with a preference for the labels of the Cinque Terre area (some of which are niche wines). Sparkling wines, Champagne and dessert wines.


Historic local of La Spezia, near the Central Station.


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