Via Roma, 1 - Frazione Valzemola - 17017 ROCCAVIGNALE (SV)
About us

Roccavinealis is a young and dynamic vineyard nestled in the hinterland of Savona. The vineyard is rich in Granaccia grapes and history, heralding back to the glory days of trade between Ligurian and Piedmont regions of Italy. Located 520 meters above sea level, the vineyard takes pride in its cultivation of 30,000 square meters of Granaccia vines, the finest varieties of the Ligurian region. Roccavinealis produces 15,000 bottles of red and rosato Granaccia Colline Savonesi IGT wine per year. The vineyard also produces a limited amount of wine matured in oak barrels. Please join us for a tour of the winery. Call or email to schedule your visit. Both online and direct sales are available.




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