Strada Sant’ Anna, 52 - 12061 CARRÙ (CN)


Str. Sant'Anna, 52, 12061 Carrù CN, Italia,
About us

Restaurant manager: Silvia Facello.


Specialties an elegant traditional cuisine, sometimes slightly revisited. Veal with tuna sauce, Mixed boiled meat with its sauces, Capunet, Hazelnut cake with Marsala zabaglione, and much more. Exclusively Piedmontese wines.


The restaurant, which has maintained the typical environments of Piedmont farmhouses, is immersed in the peace of the Carrucesi countryside and is enriched outside by a large naturalistic-themed mural. Carrù, called “the gateway to the Langhe”, is famous for the International Fat Ox Fair, which is held in mid-December. Redibis is a Latin word meaning “You will return’’.


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