Località Ruttàrs, 1 - 34070 DOLEGNA DEL COLLIO (GO)


Località Ruttar, 1, 34070 Ruttars Cavezzo GO, Italia
About us

7 Ha of vineyards on the Ruttàrs hill, a historic great cru of the Collio. 20 thousand bottles a year exclusively produced with grapes from their own vineyards, managed entirely by the family, from pruning to vinification, and maximum respect for the raw material. These are the foundations on which, for three generations, the quality of the farm’s products has been based. Wines that best express the particular structure, minerality and longevity that “ponca’’, an exclusive soil of the Gorizia Collio, is able to transfer into the glass. The authentic expression of a unique terroir, for whites that keep their fragrance, varietal identity and elegance unchanged years after the harvest.




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