OASIS “Sapori Antichi”

Via Provinciale, 8-10-12 - 83050 VALLESACCARDA (AV)

OASIS “Sapori Antichi”

Via Provinciale, 8, 83050 Vallesaccarda AV, Italia
About us

Restaurant managers: Pietro Carmine Fischetti and Puccio. 


House specials (Ricottina di Fuscella, black pepper jowl bacon, ham, roasted pork with seasonal vegetables and sweet cheese); Ravioli with burrata, wild herbs, Manteca campana and black truffle from Bagnoli irpino; Lamb chops with crumbs and fresh herbs; Creamy ricotta with dried figs, citrus, chocolate brittle and boiled must. Wines: “Aglianico Irpino”, the best national crus, about 150 labels of grappas.


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