Via Monte Marcone, 40 - 66041 ATESSA (CH)


Via Monte Marcone, 40, 66041 Atessa CH, Italia,
About us

Restaurant Managers: Nicola Cinalli, in the room, and Ernesto Cinalli, Chef.


Local creative cuisine. Specialties: Pecorino fondue with turnip top pie and puffed corn wafer; red burrata prawn tartare and salad mix; gnocchi stuffed with sea bass in mussels and clams water; square penne with lamb ragù; Lamb of the Maiella Park with artichokes, potatoes and thyme; parfait all’atessana; chocolate tart with apples and cinnamon. Wines: various from Abbruzzo and national labels. Good choice of spirits and grappa.


Hotel with 16 rooms equipped with all comforts. Pool. Gym.


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