L’Amo, Via Pietro Mascagni, 10, 81100 Caserta, CE


Vicolo Pietro Mascagni, 10, 81100 Caserta CE, Italia,
About us

Restaurant manager: Rosario Rondinone.


a fish-based and Mediterranean cuisine. Wines: national whites, reds, rosés, champagne.


If Vanvitelli’s dream was to bring the sea to Caserta, Rosario and his team have made it come true. Every day they offer fish delicacies, in a contemporary place where, thanks to the quality of the fish and the wisdom of the cuisine, you can taste the true flavours of the sea in total relaxation, with the right atmosphere and background music. Well-finished and original presentations complete a table that offers only the freshest products. Located in a confortable area, far from the city centre, where you will have easy parking.


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