Località Bedin, 1 - 38034 CEMBRA LISIGNAGO (TN)


Lisignago Loc.Bedin, 38030 Cembra Lisignago TN, Italia,
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The cellar, set in the porphyry grounds at about 700 m, is protected in the east by the forests of Paneveggio; in the south it touches the horizon of the quarries “of the Red Gold of Trentino”, the porphyry, and in the west it caresses the imposing massif of the Brenta Dolomites. The vineyards produce the main native Trentino varieties. Equal attention is paid to the vineyard and the cellar. Precision viticulture, viticultural zoning, soft pressing in an inert atmosphere and “sur lie” aging at a controlled temperature are the prerequisites for the search for aromatic expressions peculiar to Corvée wines.




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