Via Ravazzol, 10 - 37020 MARANO DI VALPOLICELLA (VR)


Via Ravazzol, 10, 37020 Marano di Valpolicella VR, Italia
About us

The estate was founded to 1995. Fabio Tezza runs the company with the help of his wife Chiara and the support of his father. A passion for the land, its traditions and its rhythms was passed on from his grandfather. He, however, does not minimize the importance of modern oenological science. For years he has adopted the “guided conventional treatment” in the vineyard; the grapes, grown with the Veronese double pergola system, are left to dry following a millenary tradition. The Contrámalini wines have a marked personality, whilst never losing the characteristics that are typical of the Marano valley: freshness, tanginess and balance. (Ph.: Fabio Mascanzoni).



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