Via Valle Bera, 10 - 12053 CASTIGLIONE TINELLA (CN)


Via Valle Bera, 10, 12053 Castiglione Tinella CN, Italia,
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The history began in Castiglione Tinella, between Langa and Asti in the 40s when Dad Redento started the activity, pressing the grapes from his own vineyards, to obtain musts that he used to sell to large sparkling producers. In the early 70s, when his son Romano joined the firm, they began to produce the first Moscato d’Asti, His Own Moscato, and sell it to those who were rediscovering in that wine the tastes of their childhood, of the sweet of the Sundays. So was born the MOSCATO D’ASTI LA CAUDRINA, a basic, clean, simple wine as it should be.




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