Via Domenico Di Gennaro, 8 - 76012 CANOSA DI PUGLIA (BT)


Via Largo Carabiniere Domenico di Gennaro, 8, 76012 Canosa di Puglia BT, Italia
About us

Restaurant Manager: Giuseppe Andrea Muggeo, Chef and Patron.


Sophisticated cuisine that binds the Canosa tradition of dishes based on legumes and wild herbs to that of the sea, maintaining the excellence of the products and the experience of capable hands as a common thread. Large selection of seafood. Specialties: the octopus stew with the “primitive”; the shellfish parmigiana; the burnt wheat troccoli with lobster; the Ombrina in a bread crust with taggiasche and dried tomatoes; the puff pastry with chocolate and red fruits. Wines: careful selection of Italian wines.


Cozy and elegant atmosphere. Summer room in the garden. Small receptions are hosted.


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