Via Castel Leone, 8 - Castiglione - 47121 FORLÌ (FC)


Via Castel Leone, 8, 47121 Forlì FC, Italia,
About us

The Calonga farm was established in 1977 by Maurizio Baravelli, who wanted to dedicate his time to his favourite pastime: grape growing and wine-making. The geographical position in the foothills between Forlì and Faenza, in the area of Castiglione, and the rare composition of the soil, mainly molasse sand, exalt the characteristics of the varieties, in particular Sangiovese. The daily care and attention given to the 9 hectares of vineyards is typical of a family-run winery, where Maurizio is helped by his sons Matteo, Francesco and Lorenzo. Production capacity: 50,000 bottles.




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