Via Bagnara Bassa, 603 - Località Zovon - 35030 VÒ (PD)


Via Bagnara Bassa, 603, 35030 Vo PD, Italia,
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Place of memories, silence and meditation, of trial and testing. Traditions, a spot for tasting, moments of patience, it is the heart of Caferro. Vinification and maturing take place thanks to the wisdom of those who have been producing wines for more than 60 years, supported by the most modern technologies. About 10 hectares of vineyards give wines an important structure associated with elegance and freshness. Daniele Ferasin with the oenological experience can combine the winemaking tradition with modern oenology in order to re-evaluate the vines present and enhance, in this way, their places of origin.




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