Viale Villa D’Errico, 10 - 85026 PALAZZO SAN GERVASIO (PZ)


Viale Villa D'Errico, 10, 85026 Palazzo San Gervasio PZ, Italia,
About us

Restaurant Managers: Antonio Menchise and Francesco Lorusso.


A cuisine daughter of Lucania; a virtuous itinerary in this land worked by men over the seasons. A useful tour to defend the palate from the ongoing homogenization and a greedy map that satisfies both the taste buds and the mind. Sitting at the “Chef’s Table” you will have the opportunity to follow – as spectators in the front row – the rhythm of the kitchen and of all the dynamics that develop between the brigade and the management of the room: a path that focuses on the customer. Wines: a selection of Italian, French and international wines.


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