Strada Statale Adriatica, 52 - 48015 CERVIA (RA)


Via Romea Sud, 52, 48015 Cervia RA, Italia,
About us

Manager: Roberto Bagnolini.


A national and Mediterranean fish cuisine. Among the most identifying dishes of the restaurant: Le Mazzancolle with salt from Salina Camillone, with fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil with aromatic herbs that highlight the link with the Saline di Cervia; Spaghetti with Clams, Raisins and Pine Nuts, which represent the union of tradition and innovation, and the squid sea urchins much loved by customers. Wines: local and national labels, mainly white.


The restaurant is immersed in the suggestive location of the Saline. A rustic-chic atmosphere. Its name is due to the fact that, in the years in which it was founded, there was nothing in the area, neither services nor roads.


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