Via Galileo Galilei, 44 - 25046 CAZZAGO SAN MARTINO (BS)


Via Galileo Galilei, 44, 25046 Cazzago San Martino BS, Italia
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1701 is a winery in Franciacorta with over 300 years of history. Owned by a passionate brother and sister team, Federico and Silvia Stefini, in 2012 they decided to commence the journey to organic and subsequently biodynamic viticulture. “Our way of working is one of minimal intervention avoiding any sort of chemical addition. It is a way of getting closer to the vine, respecting its life cycle right to the point, when bottled, it can express its vitality and character in full. We have managed to create a wine that is clean, fresh and elegant from a way of farming which respects the vine and creates the best possible conditions to make the vine healthy and strong.”



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