About us

The origins
Our Publishing House was founded in the early 1980s to promote national tourism resources in Italy and abroad because we believe that entrepreneurship in this sector is among the most important for the country’s economy. In 1985 we created THE AGENDA DEI 365 “among the best restaurants in Italy”, or rather the “Lay Bible” of gourmets. We offer the most prestigious restaurants, marked exclusively by merit evaluations. It is you readers who suggest them to us and the subsequent visits of our collaborators to confirm them.

Evolution and current events
Since 1990 we have been among the first to be online with the website www.365ristoranti.it, replicating the contents of the paper diary online. At the beginning of the new millennium it is the turn of the FoodeRelax portal, from which the navigator can enter directly into the “home” of all the structures with just 3 clicks.

But eating well is not enough: good food is always combined with an excellent bottle of wine. This is how, to promote the wines of Italy, we create THE AGENDA DEI 365 “among the best producers of Italian wine”, selecting the 365 wineries that we consider most deserving: a tool for enhancing Italian wine excellences and their products, supported on the web by this site, where you will find the 365 of the best Italian restaurants, the 365 best wineries and their most prestigious wines.

The objectives
The purpose of agenda365.it is to give economic entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase themselves in a clear and well-organized way, but also to facilitate those who want to plan their trip – for holidays or for work – in the search for a good restaurant and the best company from which to buy “his” bottle of wine.
Agenda 365 … simply the best!

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